Welcome to Matlock Heights... We're located north of the by-pass between Walnut and Dunn Streets. A neighborhood of gently rolling lawns where oaks and maples stand over limestone homes. We are teachers, merchants, artists, trades people, and professors.

How can we use this blog?
We could learn to use it to our advantage. I'm not sure exactly
how though. I'm seeing it like a bulletin board where the neighborhood could increase interaction. If you have a service, or tool to share post it here and maybe your neighbors will check this blog and contact you.
But maybe there are other uses that I can't see.
Feel free to jump in and help make this work.
Its our neighborhood.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

pertinent information

lost pet, suspicious activities, sightings, or just plain good news.

Spring is here

Let's share seeds, tools, and information


neighborhood discounts on skilled carpentry services, repair and remodeling. Call John Williams 360-8249

Ride available

going to Chicago 4/15/09

Child care

neighbors who baby sit

Neighborhood History

Charlie Matlock owned these 87 acres. When Waldron Fritz was at Indiana University in Law School, he had flown over this farm and was impressed with it. He had been flying for the Coast Guard along the Eastern Seaboard looking for submarines during World War II. the subs were wreecking havoc on our Merchant Marine vessels in that area. Upon discharge he met and married Martha Ryan.
The Charlie Matlock farm came from a tract of land awarded to Henry Lee by George Washington. John Stapleton, serving as Monroe County Surveyor, surveyed the farm for Fritz. The original farm house still stands on the west side of Fritz Dr. at the south end of the subdivision.
W.D. Fritz had many problems tgrying to get financing to construct the subdivision and was thwarted by the Commissioners of Monroe County. They felt it would be years before anyone would move out here. They denied road building unless he did it. They refused to put in utilities so he did. It took awhile but he got his subdivision built.
Phillip(Bud) Bales
2530 Fritz Dr.

For Sale

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